Travel Risks Associated with Last Minute Trips



Late deals can be tremendous bargains, but there are specific risks, potential disadvantages to the traveler. These risks need to be predicted and necessary precautions must be taken before departure...

Last minute traveling will be different from when you make advance booking and not only in the benefits, but also in the risks. Health risks are among them are we'll try to underline their important in the list below:

Health risks: naive travelers aren't well-prepared for some of the potential health risks, such as malaria and other epidemics. Late discounts spread especially towards the end of vacation seasons and that's exactly when certain diseases, such as malaria and dengue fever also spread widely.

This is a risk to be taken into account. Seek medical advice from your doctor before traveling to potentially dangerous exotic areas. Among the primary risk factors are: tetanus, diphtheria, malaria, dengue fever, spanish flu, yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, meningitis, typhoid fever, cholera. Some of these are exotic diseases, but others can be found throughout the World.

Service sell-out risk: these deals sell out quickly, therefore you'll have to purchase them fast, buy them rapidly, as they cannot be reserved and are sold in limited numbers.

Flexibility for itinerary organization: lower flexibility on changing itineraries, modifying dates. Usually there are no refunds, no cancellations with refund are possible. These deals are sold "as they are", prices and conditions are rigid. Make sure that you examine the companies' terms, read the fine print precautiously before paying for them.

It's easier to travel alone than together with someone. Be ready to travel alone or in very small groups, with few friends, with your partner or small family. Due to the limited number of these offers, it might happen that only a few will benefit from late discounts. It's highly probable that only you will benefit alone!

Less luxury, more budget travel possibilities: these discounts usually attract customers to budget travel services, don't expect high-end, don't expect the best hotels, although sometimes there are offers on such, higher quality segments as well and they might be good offers. The idea is: don't expect the best conditions from the start, after all. The risk is that you will obtain exactly those services that could not be sold because they "weren't adequate enough" for some travelers. But that's not a general rule. You can obtain high-end services at last minute, the possibility is not excluded.

Packages sold at last minute can be great bargains, but expect to get rooms in hotels that are far from the city centers, expect flying to secondary airports, don't be surprised if you get the rental car that you might not have chosen (if you could have), buy hey: it's cheaper and you will still be able to enjoy your trip! If you're lucky, you might even obtain more than you'd expect!

Risks don't always come true. These risks are the the most important ones to prepare for, they don't mean that last minute traveling is a riskier, less-enjoyable way to travel...

In fact, last minute travel can be just as enjoyable as if you booked in advance. Lower prices and surprise travel opportunities are the primary reasons why people choose to buy later.



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