Top Late Trip Destinations in 2013?





The year of 2013 should be your lucky year in terms of budget travel opportunities!

The global economic crisis is hitting the tourism industry, but in fact it comes to your advantage - you might also want to read our article dedicated to traveling cheaper during the economic crisis.

Last minute bargain-hunting still works this year. Especially in case of certain destinations.

So, which are the concrete destinations to explore, visit at last minute this year?

We'll check out 20 of them - some of them a big cities with renowned cultural heritage sites, others are modern metropolises boasting with hot entertainment industry. We're also checking out the warm exotic islands and even slightly less-frequented destinations that you might want to try and visit.

Some of the destinations we've presented are ideal for beach travel, others are more quieter places - where even the elderly can cool down. We've pretty much thought of everybody.

Last minute traveling is indeed getting cheaper this year due to the economic crisis, but only those who know where to travel, when and how to book will benefit from the bargain offers.

Hopefully you'll enjoy discovering new destinations and new ways to save on travel in 2013...

Pick one of the 20 destinations for details...

# 1.Dubai (UAE)

It's an amirate and a city, part of the United Arab Emirates. You've seen it so often on TV, websites and magazines... The staggering high skyscrapers, the rich panorama and other mand-made wonders... Dubai needs no presentation.
So, why not drop-in to Dubai this year?
It's more affordable now and we'll tell you why!

# 2.Southern California: Los Angeles, San Diego (USA)

The Greater Los Angeles and San Diego area are boasting of typical Californian attractions.
It might cost you less this year, so grasp at the opportunities - let's see more about this together...

# 3.Las Vegas (USA)

As the recession is strangling the US economy, people started saving more and wasting less. This is actually influencing the activities that some might regard as "a waste". Less are gambling and less are spending on entertainment. Las Vegas is one of those places that are receiving less visitors now...
2013 might be a great year to visit Las Vegas on budget - at last minute.

# 4.Hawaii (USA)

The exotic islands in the middle of the Pacific offers views and experiences that need no presentation. In 2013, the warm islands will cost less, if you know how late trips can be arranged...

# 5.Atlantic City (USA)

An eastern counterpart to Las Vegas - another entertainment and gambling hotspot of the USA. But Atlantic City is on the east coast.
In recent years, visitors numbers have dropped, hotels are giving massive discounts...

# 6.The Canary Islands (Spain)

All-year-round visitable warm exotic islands offering beach activities, treks in dense forests, cliffy areas and vast desert-like areas... Quite diverse landscape and thriving towns and cities...
If you visit the Canary Islands in 2013, you could grab great bargains on local services. Let's see how it's done!

# 7.Costa Blanca (Spain)

It's the southeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain that bears the "Costa Blanca" name. It's a bustling region living out of tourism.
If you haven't been to the Costa Blanca, you haven't seen Spain!
Benidorm, Alicante are jsut two of the most notorious place names there!

# 8.The Balearic Islands (Spain)

Among Europe's most welcoming warm islands are the Balearic Islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera are the biggest "members" of the archipelago.
Especially if you're from Europe, you must find out about the chances in front of you for this year's warm months!

# 9.Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

An architectural paradise in northeastern Spain - in the province of Catalonia. It's so rich in attractions that spending two weeks in Barcelona is not enough!
It's considered an expensive destination within Europe. But it's possible to lower your expenditures, especially at last minute and, this year seems promising to bargain hunters!

# 10.Santorini (Greece)

Could you drop the opportunity to visit Santorini if you had the chance?
Crisis prices are magnetic. Read more why and how Santorini can cost less in 2013!

# 11.Zakynthos (Greece)

Another famous Greek island... Another destination getting cheaper on behalf of the Greek recession...
Check Zakynthos out with us - what you can see there and how you can visit it cheaper...

# 12.Rome (Italy)

The Romantic capital of Italy is a "must see" if you're planning to visit Europe's top cities... what's even better is that within it you'll find a tiny little state - the Vatican!
Let's see how you can travel and visit Rome on budget, at last minute in 2013.

# 13.Capri (Italy)

Capri is a Mediterreanean "luxury nest" with surreal views... Yes, quite costly...
Despite this: we've found ways to enjoy it at a tighter budget - this year only.

# 14.Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Jet-off for Rio during the off-season period and explore the warmth and color of the "carnival-city"!
Let's see more on how you van visit Rio affordably in 2013!

# 15.Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Croatia's small fortified mediterranean city of Dubrovnik is more of a cultural-historical attraction than anything else... Rather remote, located inside an exclave - Dubrovnik is still accessible by boat, land vehicles and airplanes.
For spring, summer and autumn, Dubrovnik could be a delightful experience for the first comer, especially.

# 16.Budapest (Hungary)

Elegant, romantic and has one of the most beautiful skylines amongst European cities...
We're digging deep to uncover the Budapest traveling possibilities for 2013. Stick with us and you'll find out when to travel and how - and obsviously, you'll spend less!

# 17.Lake Balaton and Bakony Hills (Hungary)

The Lake Balaton is also known as "The Hungarian Sea" - a large body of sweet water situated in the central part of western Hungary.
Balaton and the Bakony Hills north of it attract millions of tourist each year... It's not just the fun and sun activities, but cultural tours and wine-producing areas, rural areas, scenic sights that act magnetically to draw in the holidaymakers.

# 18.Lisbon (Portugal)

Europe's only warm Atlantic Ocean shoreline-situated capital has a famous beautiful skyline and boasts with historic architecture as well. A chaming city with intimate streets, vintage trams, old ornamented palaces and not too high prices (it's cheaper than Spanish cities, by the way).

# 19.Madeira (Portugal)

Portugal's autonomous islands of Madeira offer beach, sun, dense oxigen-producing green forests and spectacular views. Madeira is a popular warm destination for Europeans, but the islands cool down during winter (as opposed to the Canary Islands, which stay all-year-round warm).
We're sharing a few ideas, tips on how to grab Madeira cheap in 2013.

# 20.Malta

The Maltese have a unique language - a blend of Arabic, Italian and English. The island prides itself with architecture that you won't find elsewhere in the World. It's also a hub of Roman Catholicism and is home to a large number of impressive cathedrals and other churches.
Malta is pretty much unique and a bit off-mainstream tourism. So let's see what's hot for Malta in 2013!



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