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The Terms & Policies are split into General Terms (below on this page), Privacy Policy and Advertising Terms. Please check the respective pages.

General Terms

1. Website Usage

Using LastMinuteSpider.com is 100 % free for all visitors.

No subscriptions, no registrations, no logging in whatsoever are required.

2. Activity, Services

2.1. Activity

LastMinuteSpider.com is a personal travel portal specialized in last minute travel and budget travel, offering information, but not selling travel services.

LastMinuteSpider.com is an independent website.

LastMinuteSpider.com offers information. The content of our website is purely of informational nature.

2.2. Services

Travel services obtainable through LastMinuteSpider.com are featured/listed merely as information, this site doesn't sell the featured/advertised services, nor does this site have any responsibility regarding the 3rd party sites.

Advertising space is the only service that can be bought on LastMinuteSpider.com. This is part of the SEO activity.

3. No Responsibilities, No Guarantees

LastMinuteSpider.com is not responsible and doesn't offer guarantees whatsoever regarding the services and content and activity of websites and their services mentioned on-, listed on- and/or accessible through LastMinuteSpider.com.

LastMinuteSpider.com does not guarantee satisfaction whatsoever, however - this site struggles to give the best experience to its viewers.

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