Smart Fast Packing



It will slightly influence your overall costs, but will certainly influence moving around. The list below includes a number of measures you can take in order to pack ahead and in an intelligent way:

Make a categorized list. Not just "a list", but set categories like: healthcare & hygiene, electronics, clothes, food etc. and write the items below their category. It's more effective and will help you in seeing through the list and not forgetting anything at home.

Pick a light bag! A very light one... The difference can be tremendous. Potentially, you might consider buying a new bag...

Use a bag with wheels... Pick one with 4 or 2 wheels, to how you like, but keep in mind that the ones with 4 roll and turn easier and are "always on wheels"

Pack 2 days in advance... Most of us pack the day before, some leave it for the departure date, 2 days before will help you avoid forgetting items at home.

Check your airline's baggage policy. Pack accordingly.

Place heavier items into your large bag (the one you will check in at the airport), but consider spreading items between hand luggage and check-in luggage in order to minimize the weight of the latter.

Compare similar items and pick the lighter ones! You'll be surprised in the difference even between pairs of trousers!

Stash items into each other: put anything into anything in order to minimize unused space, which would otherwise be only "air", but would eat up from the luggage space.

Leave anything out that you won't need on your trip! Only take necessary items - but we know how hard it is, especially for you, ladies! So: calculate how much clothing you will have to use per day, as for the other items - eliminate anything that you will be able to live without during the trip. Backpackers so far know best how to pack well, if you've been backpacking on budget, you'll know how it is!

Take empty (light) plastic bags - you will need them to place either dirty clothes or to bring new items (like souvenirs bought) home...

Get informed on which items you aren't allowed to take on board the airplanes. Pack according to the rules and laws.



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