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You might be interested in the offers of sites that sell on-location services. These are, for instance local car rental or hotel companies that cut rates on last minute. Under this section we are taking a look at the opportunities.


Opportunities, Useful Tips on Finding Local Services Late

What to do:

Search for the local companies

Tour operators, boat/ship cruise/tour companies, vehicle rental companies, hotels and resorts, but even entertainment-service providers should be on your list. Then try to see the reason and the period when they would reduce the prices. Because at certain locations the seasons end at specific times and towards their end, major discounts are given. For instance: the Rio Carnival is sometime around February, therefore some hotel rates are smaller towards the end of the event.

We recommend you to study your destination in detail. Examine what services are offered there and benefit from paying in the last minute (this is not literal, meaning that you can book up to several weeks before, but well after the mainstream).

Find an agent's office in your city, who is selling services for a specific destination

Some companies specialize in selling travel services for those wanting to visit India, for example or Spain only, etc. Visit an office towards the end of the vacation period and find out if they have any special offers. You can also negotiate, some make it possible. You could even offer to get together a group. There are agents that give about 5-15 % in such cases.

This way you will have much more chances than if you would have looked at a major consolidator.

Travel Service Providers

Our list of carefully selected websites might be of use to you. All resources listed have been carefully reviewed to deliver you a number of relevant, reliable merchants offering this type of service.

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