Why Low Cost Airlines Have No Late Offers





Or why they very rarely do...
Naive travelers might think "let's go book at last minute!" and they wait and they wait, until the lost cost airline keeps increasing the prices of flight tickets.
Frequent low cost airline flyers know that the secret for cheap flight booking with these airlines is to book as well in advance as possible!

Our quick advice is: don't search for late deals on low cost airline sites! You will almost never find such discounts.

Here's why: the whole system of low cost airline ticket selling is based on increasing fares gradually as the departure date gets closer and closer.

There are many reasons why it functions this way... one reason is that people are less likely to plan their trip months before, but rather weeks before or perhaps 1-2 months before. Trips usually "come up" weeks before departure, very few of us know 6-7 months before when and where we will fly.

Do you know where you will be 7 months from now?
Most of us haven't got a clue. And, the low cost airlines' managers know this fact. Few people book early, many book late, so the companies cash in profit by selling more expensive tickets, as time passes.

Except for published discount offers that you might stumble upon (very rare occasions), you shouldn't hope to find reduced fares at last minute in case of low fare carriers.



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