Late Booking in Specialty Travel



It's a narrow subsegment, therefore it gets overlooked by most travelers. Even though, the primary services are the most popular ones, it is possible to obtain discounted specialty travel services when booking late.

It will implicate some search work from your side. There aren't any major search, comparison and booking engines to use in order to detect specialty travel discounted offers. You will have to proceed to individual sites.

Here are some examples below...

Religious Travel

They're often seasonal trips: pilgrimages, various religious events. You might get lucky and find discounted deals just because some packages remained unsold, places were unfilled.

Adventure & Wilderness Travel

Might be seasonal, especially if the trip focuses on certain periods.

For example, bird watching tours can't be organized all the time, if the bird flock seasonally moves from place to place.

Generally, summer and autumn are great specialty travel intervals during the year.

One has to understand when demand starts decreasing and the reason why it does. Then, occasional discounted offers can be found on specialized agents'sites.

Some categories will prove more inflexible and will seldom pop up deals for you. It's more likely to find price-cuts on wilderness tours than on senior travel trips.

Wilderness travel is strongly influenced by weather and usually young people venture out in the wild.

Young adults have little time (they work) and tend to have vacations during certain periods. Elderly people have more time (if they don't work), they have more money to spend (life savings, pension), thus buying up the services much faster.



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