Combining Last Minute Travel Opportunities
with Budget Travel



You can have both benefits in one, if you'd like to benefit from late booking and budget travel as well.

Here are two things you can try. If you're lucky, both can work and you'll save the most. But, these are among the rarest of cases, so don't expect "miracles":

Exploit reward-based memberships/travel member programs: join a travel site, become some sort of a member (memberships with reward points/discounts) and be on the lookout for special offers - when you book a late offer, you might still get bonus points for hotels, frequent flyer miles for flights etc. - this way not only you book at the last minute discounted price, but it'll bring you reward points for your next booking! An example for such a site is

Apply travel discount coupons (if applicable) when booking any last minute service. Some companies will block this possibility, however, there are plenty of firms who will allow it! Most often, you will be allowed to buy rigidly, only separately published late deals, like when you'd buy a brick, without the chance of being able to apply a coupon. The whole thing is sold "as is", no coupon or voucher applicable. There are companies, who will not alter anything and will allow the code to be applied prior to checkout (before transaction) - in this case they will reduce the prices accordingly, while the booking systems will work "conventionally".



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