Last Minute Bargains in Business Travel



It's not just budget travel that's pulling the last minute segment of the travel market. Although, it's a little narrower, business travel does include late booking possibilities, especially in case of business class flights and hotel reservations.

The best thing about business travel is that in general a trip comes up much faster than in case of a planned family vacation. You might be called by the boss or you might receive an invitation to a foreing country to solve issues for your company weeks before, not months before.

The sooner a travel comes up, the better for you, if you want to grab the price-cut bargains.

14-7 days before departure, the prices might shrink. "Might" is a possibility and we want to underline the elevated risk that hides in this word.

This is how it works with business class airline tickets and high-end hotels, business hotels as well... and we don't mean Ibis Hotels (which is rather aiming at the mid-budget category traveler), but rather at Radisson SAS, Hilton, Mariott and other great names who offer services to business travelers specifically...

Sometimes the discounts are so great that you'll spend almost as little on a business class flight than you would orinarily pay for an economy class ticket (without any discount). The prices shrink up to 50-60 % in case of flights.

With hotels, you could generally spare 25-50 %, especially after the warm months in Europe and North America. Vice-versa in exotic countries, where business travelers intentionally avoid the warm months (high levels of precipitation, heat, mosquitoes, monsoon etc.).

On some days, certain hotels won't have clients and they will charge you less, on other days, some other hotels won't have enough clients and will publish late deals or will just cut their rates and you'll be able to detect them through online booking systems.



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