How to Fly at Last Minute?





The vast majority of people will indeed purchase their flight tickets in advance.

The truth is, in many cases it is more advantageous and offers a good sense of security.

If you have an adaptable schedule, are willing to take risks and are flexible, then late booking might be for you. It will even save you quite a large amount of money.

Apart from using our booking techniques for paying less by booking late, there are several other aspects to late flight purchases...

For instance, the following issues regarding hotels, transportation and flexibility, planning need to be taken into account in parallel with the flight reservation process... perhaps even before obtaining your plane ticket, you will have to think about how to or how not to purchase the other necessary travel services...

Don't book for hotels before flight tickets. The hotel reservation step should usually come after you've got the plane tickets in your hands!

Gather information about airlines serving your desired destination. Simply: check out what airports are located at your destination and which airlines serve them (airport sites should share this info). Then go through the airline sites to see "special deals"... there should be plenty of them at last minute.

Search exclusively on the sites of conventional airlines (e.g. British Airways), charter airlines (TUIfly, for instance) or hybrid carriers (S7 Airlines or JetBlue are good examples). Leave the low cost airlines out, the scarcely have discount deals for late booking...



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