How Flexibility Can Help When Booking Late



Be flexible and you'll win the last minute travel bargain!

It's flexibility, openness to surprises and speedy booking helps you obtain the best-priced services. You'll have to be ready to "grab the opportunity" without planning too much. These discount deals just pop up and they will most probably not take you to your dream destination, but they can still take you to awesome locations!

So, what's the right attitude, the correct approach to last minute flexibility? How to be flexible enough?

Be open to new destinations, new ways to travel: you might have to swap return flights for multiple one way ones, be open to driving more, travel during night time... be less conventional in order to be more economic.

Be ready to give up on certain elements: late promotions sometimes implicate comfort and certain additional services to be compromised

Be ready to travel alone - usually it's less costly and chances of finding discounts are much higher! If you have a backpacker and individual traveler style, then you can check this point.

Be able to plan according to the offers/deals - instead of what you'd do when booking in advance, when you'd plan first and search for offers after or during planning. When getting ready to travel at the last minute, you will have to plan your moves according to the deal (the other way around)

Be ready to pack fast and leave "as soon as tomorrow", but there will usually be a few weeks available until departure. Smart fast packing advice will help you get ready faster...

Be on the lookout for travel risks associated with last minute trips and potentially consult a doctor, take medication with you or even take vaccines (might be necessary for certain parts of the World). There have been severe cases of diseases and illnesses among unprepared travelers.

Keep in mind that the offers will be rather rigid and you will have to adapt according to them. There's little or no possibility to form your itinerary according to your wishes. The trips could come as benefiting fast of a surprise offer.



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