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LastMinuteSpider.com is an independent travel portal, not a travel agency, nor any other entity that sells its own travel services. We do not sell travel services. We intermediate between visitors and travel service sellers. We do sell advertising services.

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LastMinuteSpider.com is a travel portal specializing in "last minute", "budget travel" and "discount travel". We provide online search platforms, in-depth travel information/guidance/advice and we publish fresh travel deals and discount coupons. The purpose of this site is to facilitate late booking and advise in budget travel, while also helping travel service sellers find their clients (thus, we provide targeted travel advertising services).

Obligations, Limits of Responsibility

LastMinuteSpider.com contains its own original content, such as articles, some sections that present fares/prices etc. We also publish advertisements and host third party-run online search and/or booking forms, as well as externally-fed fare publishing lists. Therefore, most of our website's content is informative and part of the content published is owned by other parties (examples: brand names, logos etc.).

We are not responsible for the quality of services provided by listed/featured websites, nor for the safety of transactions made on those websites, as we do not manage our own booking system and we do not sell the travel services provided.

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