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West Palm Beach is a small Floridan city, a renowned southern US holiday location. Warm weather with sunshine, palm tree lanes and intense beach life attract crowds of visitors.

Today the city is a holidaymaker's paradise and a place where real estate businesses are booming. Even historically, West Palm Beach has evolved as a hotspot for traders and for businesses feeding on real estate profits.

West Palm Beach has a rather atypical skyline with high-rise apartment buildings, hotels, tall palmtrees along its roads.

At last minute, you can grab advantageous rates at hotels, in the timeframe when the least tourists arrive. Then you can then enjoy the beach life more, as crowds move away.

Hopefully our guide will help you in planning your last minute trip to West Palm Beach!


West Palm Beach Factsheet


Population: 99.919 (in 2010) in City

Local language(s): English

Other widely spoken or understood languages: -

Country, State: USA, Florida

Voltage info: 110/120 V, 60 Hz - Plug type: A, B

Time zine: EST (UTC-5)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Fly in to West Palm Beach International Airport. It's the easiest way to get to the city directly.

Although, you might also want to check Orlando and Miami, as they have more flights, more international and domestic connections. Then, travel by train or road vehicle to West Palm Beach.

By Road

I-95 is the interstate that passes the city by.

There's also a bus called PalmTran operating from here, serving several routes.

By Rail/Train

AmTrak and Tri-Rail trains stop at West Palm Beach. Traveling by rail to Miami is quite fast and cheap - you won't have to struggle with traffic jams. But, AmTrak will take you all the way north, as far away as New York City. Although, a long, exhausting ride.

By Ship/Boat

There are river taxis transporting passengers in the area. You might want to try them out, also for the beautiful views.

See & Do

The Canal and the Lakes

The downtown is characterized by plenty of water areas: the canal that splits mainland West Palm Beach from Palm Beach, the latter which is located on a long island stretching from north to south.

Clear Lake and Lake Mangonia are located inland. Beautiful places with rental homes available have been constructed around these inland water bodies.

Historic Districts

Mango Promenade Historic District, Old Northwood Historic District, Northwest Historic District, Grandview Heights Historic District and Central Park Historic District are the main areas where you can check out older architecture.

The houses themselves are beautiful, otherwise, they are mostly residential area.


CityPlace is an upscale neighbourhood in central West Palm Beach.

You'll find beautiful palm trees here, for instance on the promenade, also the beautiful Harriet Himmel Theater and lots of shops, restaurants.

Beach Life and Night Life

Overall, it's not at all the architecture that is so appealing at this destination, but the typical Florida beach life and night life.


Beach volley, croquet, golf, baseball and beach polo are the most popular sports in this city.

Yacht Ports

Several are located along the beach.

Beautiful yachts are anchored there, including some of the most luxurious boats.

Cruise Ships

Periodically large ships come and go from the Port of West Palm Beach, This is the 18th busiest port in the USA.

Eat & Drink

Typical US fast food, as well as Caribbean specialties, Latino cuisine are abundant.

You will find plenty of Italian and some Asian foods here as well.

Overall, West Palm Beach is not considered a gastronomical paradise, but you can have more renowned meals here, including Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese meals.

Getting Around

Rent a car, if you want to get around the area, because it's quite an extended zone. Multiple towns, cities are bound together by roads, vast residential districts.

Walking only along the beach and the downtown, around places of interest is recommended.

The large residential districts cut rivers, canals and with scattered lakes around will make walking around very difficult, slow and exhausting. The distances are very long and the heat can be too strong for long walks.

River taxis will take you from place to place, where there's more water than land.

When to Visit West Palm Beach at Last Minute?

High season is during winter, during the October - March period. Strangely enough, it is also the period when prices are lower.

You will encounter published last minute deals frequently for this period. You'll find medium to low prices for hotels and cars.

April - May is slightly cooler than the previous interval. Still a good time for visiting. Prices are highest, few last minute price cuts occur.

June - September is the time when humidity is higher and the weather can become suffocating, especially after rainshowers.

This is when hotel rates are the lowest. There are many late deals, especially in June and July.

Travel Risks

Crime rate is decreasing, but we recommend caution at night especially around entertainment areas.

Beware of aligators, which can sometimes be seen strolling on streets (rarely). Avoid walking near swampy areas, canals with green vegation, as these reptiles often hide there.

Avoid wilderness areas, forest-covered places, don't swim in canals, lakes, anywhere except on the widely-used beaches where other visitors enter the water.

The danger of aligator attack is a serious issue and these prehistoric monsters tend to hide in quiet wet green areas, there's almost no way of knowing that they are there!



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