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Major city in southwestern Canada, a business and entertainment roaming hotspot. It's a place where music clubs are found and concerts are held in abundance, a location where businesses thrive, luxury apartments spread, yachting and north Pacific ocean cruising have an old tradition.

Vancouver is also a great place for venturing out into the nearby wild areas... hiking, camping... in lush green forests. The nearby mountains, the ocean breeze and dense green vegetation boosts the air quality of the area.

The famous snow resort place Whistler is located North of Vancouver. Many tourists stay in Vancouver and travel to Whistler to enjoy snow activities.

The geographic location of Vancouver is peculiar enough... It was founded on the tip of an elongated peninsula surrounded with other similar formations, as well as islands, wide river deltas, bays. Exciting enough for campers, adventure travelers and boat sailers as well...

Atmosphere in Vancouver is diverse and intense. If you can grab a last minute flight, then go for it! The city is an ideal place for a short weekend break! Lots of dining and entertainment possibilities, plenty of fish restaurants!


Vancouver Factsheet


Population: 578.041 (in 2006) in City; 2,1 million (in 2006) in metropolitan area

Local language(s): English

Other widely spoken or understood languages: -

Country, State: Canda, British Columbia

Voltage info: 110/120 V, 60 Hz - Plug type: A, B

Time zine: PST (UTC-8)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Vancouver International Airport is the best gateway to Vancouver, without any doubt. Be on the lookout for last minute offers on the official sites of the airlines operating flights to Vancouver's airport.

Abbotsford International Airport is another, smaller airport 60 km (37 mi) east of Vancouver. It serves domestic flights primarily. Travelling time to this airport takes about 10-15 minutes on road.

By Road

Highway 1 is the Trans-Canada Highway and it reaches Vancouver from the east.

From the south, Vancouver is reachable from the US border is Highway 99, which is the continuation of the US Interstate 5.

From the north, it's highway 99 again.

By Rail/Train

You might consider travelling from the eastern part of Canada (e.g. Toronto) to Vancouver. The views are splendid! However, the ride is quite expensive.

Special trains have been fitted with huge windows, comfortable observation decks in order to see the beautiful landscape better!

By Ship/Boat

Vancouver is a popular cruise ship stop-over port, also the home port for numerous cruise ships departing for Pacific cruises.

There are boats embarking passengers from nearby Seattle in the USA as well. Ferries are available and bay cruises. Check related web resources for up-to-date information.

See & Do


Especially interesting during the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Another great time to see Chinatown is during the annual (in June) Dragon Boat Festival on False Creek.

The Downtown

Get into the central business distict and discover the most beautiful buildings in Vancouver. The landmarks and old buildings are mostly located in the downtown.

The Vancouver Art Gallery can be a place to stop over and admire its collection of art pieces.

Another art museum is the Contemporary Art Gallery, which contains modern art exclusively.

Stanley Park

A beautiful green recreational area for refreshing yourself and admiring nearby views. It is located on the tip of the downtown peninsula.

Vancouver Skyline

You can't leave this city without seeing the skyline!

Some of the best places to observe the skyline are: Stanley Park, Harbour Centre, Jericho Beaches, Lonsdale Quay, Spanish Banks.

Eat & Drink

Vancouver has plenty of restaurants promoting the cuisines of the World. But, one of the best things to eat in the city is fish! Lots of fish restaurants and Asian restaurants, including sushi restaurants are found here.

Getting Around

Public transit in Vancouver is run by TransLink. They operate buses, the SkyTrain and the SeaBus ferry service.

Ferries operate across False Creek, might be an interesting experience to try, if you have time.

It's easy to get around on foot as well, the city isn't too large and the center can be visited easily just by walking from place to place.

Rental cars might come in handy, especially if you'd like to see nearby areas as well.

Otherwise, Vancouver is easy to drive in, streets, roads are mostly straight.

When to Visit Vancouver at Last Minute?

The best time to visit Vancouver is at during the beginning and the end of the warmer months, which constitute the high season for tourism.

In the October - April interval it's cold, while the rest of the months, May - September it is warmer.

Last minute traveling to Vancouver is best in May, August and September. But, unexpected discounts might pop-up at any time. It is a popular escape place for last minute trip enthusiasts.

Travel Risks

The most dangerous part of the city is the Downtown Eastside, which is essentially a slum! For Your safety, avoid the Bronx-like neighbourhood all the time!

Otherwise, Vancouver is not too dangerous, but not among the safest cities in North America either!

Be more precautious at night and in areas where fewer people walk.



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