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Although it is not Canada's capital, Toronto is the economic capital and biggest city of the vast country.

It's located in southern Ontario state, where 25 % of Canada's population lives.

Today, Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America. Greater Toronto is includes more localities than metropolitan Toronto and is home to 6,2 million inhabitants.

The multi-ethnic population, beautiful skyline and plety of places for dining and having fun make this city a great place to escape to at last minute.

The skyline is spectacular! Especially in the evening and at night! It's one particular thing you mustn't miss when in this city!

Scanning the prices on Toronto deals and putting the booking engines to the test won't be a worthless effort, there's a plethora of last minute published deals and prices go quite low, especially as the cooler months get closer...


Toronto Factsheet


Population: 2,5 million (in 2010) in City; 5,1 million (in 2010) in metropolitan area

Local language(s): English

Other widely spoken or understood languages: -

Country, State: Canada, Ontario

Voltage info: 110/120 V, 60 Hz - Plug type: A, B

Time zine: EST (UTC-5)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Toronto Pearson International Airport is huge international airport, at about 45 minutes driving distance from central Toronto. Terminals are very far away from each other, it's a gigantic establishment.

Make sure that you have enough time to get around and find your terminal and then the gate! It's easier to find the terminal first by car or get there by bus, otherwise you'll have a hard time getting from the wrong terminal building to the right one!

Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport is a small airport serving regional domestic and international flights.

Few flights are operated from its runways.

The TPA imposed the charging of an additional 20 USD fee from all departing passengers. It is called "airport improvement fee".

By Road

If you are considering driving your way to Toronto, then QEW, 400, 401, 404, 427 are the highways leading to Toronto and you should check them on the map.

Greyhound provides good connection with lots of cities. Buses operate from New York, Chicago, Detroit and many other cities.

Coach Canada and Greyhoung Quicklink will take you to Niagara Falls. There might be other operators as well, look up for Toronto bus services.

By Rail/Train

Toronto's Union Station is the train station through which 5 railway lines/services are operated: Corridor, The Canadian, Ontario Northland, Maple Leaf and there are commuter train services linking with the Greater Toronto Area (operated by GO Transit).

By train you can get to and from as nearby cities, as well as New York, Buffalo, Albany.

See & Do

Royal Ontario Museum

Contains large amounts of art objects and even when compared to US and other Canadian counterparts, the Royal Ontario Museum has a rich collection.

Items include artifacts from ancient China, ancient Egypt, India, medieval Europe and so on.

Ontario Science Centre

Contains science exhibits, might be an interesting experience for kids and young adults.

Art Gallery of Ontario

Canada's largest art gallery. Has several important European artworks, including the Rubens "The Massacre of the Innocents" and, plenty of Canadian art.

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Contains about 6.000 art pieces from Canada exclusively.

Visit this if you are interested in discovering Canadian art only.

Yonge Street

You haven't seen Toronto, if you haven't been to Yonge Street.

It's not just this street, but the whole area around that's widely known as "Yonge" or "The Yonge". Shops, restaurants, offices are everywhere.

This is where many young people hang around (the name of "Yonge" is believed to come from the term "young"). Plenty of electronics shops, but it's also a great place to look at clothes, perfumes...

CN Tower

Observation tower and telecommunications tower. An icon of Toronto.

Stands over 553 m (1,815.4 ft) tall and offers a splendid panoramic view.

This is without any doubt, the most important attraction of Toronto!

Casa Loma

Old building reflecting European architectural style. It used to be Sir Henry Pellatt's home, a Canadian financier. Today the Casa Loma is a museum.

It isn't a very old building. Dates back to 1914 only, the year of its completion.

It looks like a beautiful European castle, worth seeing, at least from the outside. But the interior boasts in luxurious elegance. You should see it, if you have enough time.

Ethnic Neighbourhoods

Toronto has over 80 ethnic minority groups. Little India, Little Italy/Portugal Village, Chinatown and Koreatown are the biggest ethnic areas in Toronto.

Ontario Place

Modern entertainment area with shops, cinemas.

Niagara Falls

About one and a half hours driving distance away from Toronto. Take a bus or rent a car to arrive there.

Eat & Drink

Explore the ethnic neighbourhoods mentioned higher on this page and check out the Yonge. You will find a wide selection of fine restaurants and a large number of ethnic-specialty-selling ones as well.

Some of the best areas for eating are: Chinatown, University District, Yorkville (plenty of Italian, Japanese, Hungarian restaurants and lots of cafés).

Getting Around

Subway and LRT (or RT) lines cover the most important parts of the central area especially.

But you'll need a car to get around better in the huge city. Distances are very long, especially between residential areas and the center.

There are street cars available and there's the so-called GO Transit system, which combines the use of trains and buses in order to facilitate urban transportation.

Taxis are expensive, but there are many of them.

Some parts of Toronto can be visited on bicycle as well, however, it's not as easy to get around here as in San Diego, for instance. Traffic is more intense and only some parts of Toronto have been fitted with adequate biking lanes.

When to Visit Toronto at Last Minute?

Highest prices and the least last minute offers are during the June - September period.

We don't advise traveling to Toronto during the November - March period.

Last minute offers are more abundant in the months of May, September and October.

Early September and late May should be warm enough and if you hit on a great deal, make sure to squeeze the most out of your Toronto trip!

Travel Risks

Toronto is much safer than other major North American cities.

Although, entertainment areas late at night sometimes become dangerous. Occasional fights break out.

There are large numbers homeless people on Toronto's streets as well.

Mugging, pickpocketing occurs, so take care of your belongings.



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