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Modern city in southern California, sandwitched between the Los Angeles area and the country of Mexico... It has a great location, right on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Great views with cliffs, but some sandy beaches as well, ports for ocean cruise liners can be found there...

It's the 2nd most populous city in the USA and it boasts intense night-life, beach life and it's also a famous high-tech industry boiling point.

Some of the things that you can best experience down there are: marine life, dining, nightlife and a taste of old Spanish colonial architecture - it used to be part of Mexico, you know...Let's take a look together at what you can see and do and how you can best benefit from last minute promotions to warm and friendly San Diego.


San Diego Factsheet


Population: 1,3 million (in 2010) in City; 3,095 million (in 2010) in metropolitan area

Local language(s): English

Other widely spoken or understood languages: -

Country, State: USA, California

Voltage info: 110/120 V, 60 Hz - Plug type: A, B

Time zine: PST (UTC-8)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

San Diego International Airport is just 10 minutes driving distance away from the downtown. It's the best way to get to San Diego, especially for last minute travelers.

Some of the main airlines serving it are: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Continental Airlines.

By Road

Interstates 5, 8, 15 link with San Diego. It's close to the Mexican border and the 3 freeways meet all here.

By Rail/Train

Amtrak is another good way to travel, but the rail lines only go north from here, straight to Los Angeles. Only from there is it possible to reach other, further-located cities.

See & Do

San Diego Zoo

One of the most popular places to visit in the city. On 100 acres it is home to a wide variety of animal species.

Balboa Park-Hillcrest

Situated north of the downtown, it's a park area with wide open spaces, countless green plants. It includes the upper-mentioned San Diego Zoo and hosts the Old Globe Theatre as well.

The Museum of Man is a beautiful old towery building in the Balboa Park. You mustn't miss it! It is one of the most beautiful buildings of San Diego!

Sea World

Typical well-equipped aquarium presenting sea and ocean life to the curious visitors.

Performances by dolphins, seals and orcas are held in front of large audiences.


The business district of San Diego. High-rise buildings, shops, museums, yacht ports are located here.

Old Town (Mission Valley)

The Mission San Diego de Alcalá, the Casa de Estudillo and several other old buildings can be found here.

The Old Town contains a heritage park with old-style houses.

It can be reached by car via interstate I-8.

Eat & Drink

Cuisines from all around the World are well represented in San Diego, there are no famous local delicacies, except for several isolated restaurant-specific ones. In terms of food and drinks, you will find just about everything you would in a large US city.

Getting Around

You'll find a rental car useful in the San Diego are. It's vast and you might want to travel to enarby attractions, perhaps venture into Tijuana, Mexico. Just across the border...

Buses operated belong to the MTS and they're a comfortable way to reach main attractions, as well as going to the airport.

There is a light rail called "trolley". It's not a trolley bus, it looks like a tram (to Europeans especially).

Bicycles are popular, adequate for exploring the beach area. The downtown area might be a bit harder to cycle around.

You will find bicycle rental shops for your convenience.

When to Visit San Diego at Last Minute?

It's an all-year-round destination, but May - August and November - January are the high season for tourism.

San Diego has great climate and it literally has no off-season. But, there are periods when the demand is a bit lower and last minute travel is easier possible then. Try searching and booking in October, January, February, March. Not December, because crowds visit for New Year and Christmas also attracts shoppers and performers and some tourists.

Travel Risks

It's great that San Diego is quite safe!

Although, crime exists everywhere in the World, San Diego lacks high scale violent crime - it's rather rare. Theft occurs more often than any other form of crime and even this isn't that much of a problem.

We advise to avoid dark areas at night, especially at night. Also, take care of your personal belongings, such as bags, wallets. Even though, property snatching happens rarely.



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