Punta Cana:
What the Last Minute Traveler Must Know





While the most notorious Caribbean destinations are overcrowded with tourists, Punta Cana is a bit "off-mainstream".

No, it's not a city, it's a small region on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic. Its shores are washed by the Caribbean Sea...

Punta Cana is a mildly windy tropical island that has attracted more and more attention as a travel destination during recent years.


Punta Cana Factsheet


Population: 325.244 (in 2009)

Local language(s): Spanish

Other widely spoken or understood languages: -

Country, State: Dominican Republic, La Altagracia Province

Voltage info: 110 V, 60 Hz - Plug type: A, B

Time zine: Atlantic (UTC-4)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

You can arrive in directly to the Punta Cana International Airport or, alternatively you might want to fly to Santo Domingo and drive in or take a bus to Punta Cana.

By Road

You can arrive in best on the road from Santo Domingo through Boca Chica and La Romana and will finally arrive to Punta Cana.

By Ship/Boat

There are cruise lines operating in the Caribbean that touch Punta Cana. One of the best departure ports to Punta Cana is Miami, Florida.

See & Do

Beach & Sea-related Activities

Various water-based activities are highly popular: sailing, fishing, parasailing, snorkeling etc.

Saona Island

A day trip will be enough by boat. It's an island located in the Parque Nacional del Este and is a beautiful protected natural area.

Eat & Drink

Various ethnic specialties are represented. Latin-american and Caribbean foods and drinks are found in abundance.
It might be a good idea to focus on fresh fruits and vegetable-based foods. There are few destinations in the World where there's so much natural food available to the foreign tourist.

Getting Around

Punta Cana itself if very small, you can walk around. Additionally, buses and hired taxis, guided tour buses will help you get further. Let's not forget the boat companies either...

When to Visit Punta Cana at Last Minute?

March to May is considered the best time to visit Punta Cana. That's just towards the end of the peak season.
The weather is warm and humid all-year-round, but make sure you watch the weather before departing - tropical storms occur periodically and they can be devastating.

Travel Risks

Beware of swindles, frauds that target foreign tourists. Violent crime and murder occur frequently.
There is a high risk of insect-spread diseases. Dengue fever, malaria occur. Although, the latter is rarer, the first one is much more dangerous and there is no preventive vaccine against it!
Avoid getting mosquito-bitten by wearing light-colored clothes and using insect-repellent applied on skin and, it's advised to avoid walking in remote wet areas with dense vegetation - this, especially in the evening and at night.



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