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Nicknamed "Philly", the city has the 5th most populous metropolitan area in the USA.

It was the capital of the United States and is home to numerous national historical sites and cultural institutions.

Philadelphia has a beautiful skyline and it's one of those US cities where you can admire old architecture.

In Philadelphia you will feel a bit like in New York and a bit like in Washington...

Especially at night, watching the skyline with illuminated skyscrapers towering high towards the sky, is not just a beautiful, but also a romantic sight!


Philadelphia Factsheet


Population: 1,56 (in 2010) in City; 5,96 million (in 2010) in metropolitan area

Local language(s): English

Other widely spoken or understood languages: -

Country, State: USA, Pennsylvania

Voltage info: 110/120 V, 60 Hz - Plug type: A, B

Time zine: EST (UTC-5)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is the bigger airport, but alternatively you may want to try Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE), which is a smaller one serving numerous internal routes.

By Road

I-76, I-676 and I-95 are the interstates that are most popular main roads to reach Philadelphia.

By Rail/Train

Philadelphia is a rail network knot for Amtrak. You might want to check the Amtrak website, especially if you are planning to travel from not too far away.

By Ship/Boat

RiverLink and Freedom Ferry offer boat transportation to nearby Camden (New Jersey) in the April - September interval.

See & Do

Fairmount Park

It's not just a green recreational area where some run, others go for picknick, but also a place where orchestras play periodically, an area with hiking trails even. Check it out when in "Philly" and looking for a place to relax and refresh.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Former prison. Some like exploring old-style prisons, which has led to a phenomena called "prison tourism".

Very interesting is the Al Capone cell, where the famous gangster had been detained.

The prison had been constructed in 1829 in gothic style. From outside, one can observe its fortress-like turrets.

Longwood Gardens

Elegant large garden. You'll think it's in a European royal garden, it's so delightful!

Home to over 11.000 plants in various colours, shapes! A floral paradise...

Valley Forge

Hilly area with trails, a paradise for picknikers and joggers. A great place to get yourself refreshed.

It's rather a hiking area, more of a forest zone with historical buildings, rather than an ordinary park. Come prepared, as if you would go on a hike.

Independence Hall

Small, but beautiful old American building, iconic to the city of Philadelphia.

An old historical government building, an architectural beauty indeed. Both the US "Declaration of Independence" and US Constitution were signed in this building.

You mustn't miss this one while in "Philly"!

City Hall

Some confuse it with Independence Hall.

Another old building, one completed in 1901, after 30 years of construction.

It's a tall building, rises 167 m (548 ft) high and used to be the tallest in Philadelphia until 1987, when the Liberty Place skyscraper dethroned it.

Liberty Bell Center

The famous Liberty Bell can be seen here. It is an 18th century bell cast in England, brought to the USA. It was used during turbulent times to summon people for meetings, public announcements.

Today it is an important icon of US independence and freedom.

Liberty Place

Iconic skyscraper of Philadelphia rising 288 m (945 ft) above ground. With its 60 stories, it's a sapphire blue postmodern tower with a unique shape reminding us of old church towers.

It has a slight gothic feel to it, but not as much as the Chrysler Building in New York.

Masonic Temple

A church-like building in central Philadelphia, erected in 1873, located on One North Broad Street.

Today it is the headquarters of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

Even from outside, it looks captivating, asymmetrically beautiful.


Basketball and baseball are especially popular in "Philly". Also hockey, soccer and american football have strong presence.

Check for events at the local teams' official websites, if you're a fan.

Eat & Drink


Local delicacy that you mustn't miss tasting!

It's basically a sandwitch filled with grilled shaved beef and cheese. Vegetables are also added.

Otherwise you will find a wide variety of restaurants here as well. It's a big city with a wide selection of ethnic and fast food restaurants.

Getting Around

You can walk around on foot easily. Philadelphia's primary attractions are close to one another.

SEPTA Bus services will ensure connection to most parts of the city. Take the bus, like you'd take the subway in some cities. SEPTA has a well-extended network.

SEPTA Regional Rail is a commuter rail linking the suburban areas with Philadelphia.

There are 2 subway lines operated by SEPTA as well in addition to a surface rail line.

Orange line and blue line are the real subway lines, the surface rail line operated by SEPTA is called "Surface-Subway Line" - which actually has 5 lines: 10, 11, 13, 34, 36.

There are plenty of rail lines in "Philly" and the Norristown High Speed Line is another one.

It has only 22 stations and it resembles a tram.

The Norristown High Speed Line or NHSL operates between Upper Darby and Norristown.

PATCO Speedline or High Speed Line is a rapid transit system with 13 stations, running between Philadelphia and Camden County in New Jersey.

Trolleys are also available. Operated by SEPTA, they serve 8 lines.

You might consider renting a car in Philadelphia. Rental cars here are considered to be cheaper than in the top US destinations.

When to Visit Philadelphia at Last Minute?

The peak season is June - August. It's the timeframe when prices are highest.

Philadelphia at last minute will be great in August - September. Less bookings are made, more offers are published. Prices drop significantly.

Though, October - February it's cold and not a great time for visiting, although prices have the highest chance for dropping.

March - May brings some curious visitors to "Philly".

We recommend a search in April and May, when it's a bit warmer and prices are still cheaper than in the summer.

Travel Risks

Although police presence has increaced and crime level had dropped significantly, Philadelphia still is a nest for criminals. At night it gets dangerous. Robbery, theft, muggings, burglary, assault are all there.



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