How to Grab a Last Minute
Romantic Getaway Trip to Paris...





The most famous romantic city in the World is France's capital, a boasting rich city full of architecturally attractive buildings.

Some call it "The Capital of Fashion", others call it "The City of Light". Paris is thriving in all its splendour, tourism is blood for the city's veins.

The Eiffel Tower, the Sacré Coeur are just some of the icons of the big metropolis.

If you are near or even far away, a last minute escape to Paris will always be a joyful trip! You might consider a longer vacation, though...

Nevertheless, Paris had earned the reputation of being the most romantic city of the World. Just how romantic it is, remains to be determined by you - the traveler, but it certainly has a unique eclectic atmosphere and strolling on its friendly old streets can be an experience unlike any other walk in any other city!


Paris Factsheet


Population: 2.211.297 (in 2008) in City; 12 million (in 2008) in metropolitan area

Local language(s): French

Other widely spoken or understood languages: -

Country, State: France, Île-de-France

Voltage info: 230 V, 50 Hz - Plug type: C, F

Time zine: CET (UTC+1)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Orly International Airport, Beauvais International Airport are the aerial doorways that you should consider when traveling to Paris.

The first is the biggest airport, while Orly is the second major one and, Beauvais is primarily low cost airline-served.

By Road

The motorways leading to Paris are A1 and A3 in the north, A5 and A6 in the south, A4 in the east, A13 and A10 are located in the west.

It can get jammy with lots of cars, you might want to try a bus line, as driving can become exhausting in this part of Europe. High traffic, time consuming, exhausting.

By Rail/Train

8 train stations connect Paris with a vast number of international railway lines. You can reach the French capital from Spain, Germany, Austria, even from London via the Eurotunnel.

TGV express trains will take you with high speed to domestic destinations, the EuroStar will ensure link with the British Isles.

TGV express trains will take you with high speed to domestic destinations, the EuroStar will ensure link with the British Isles.

Train travel opportunities are vast, you should try the SNCF and the EuroStar websites for offers, current prices.

See & Do

Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower)

Worthless presenting. The views from up there are fantastic, worth paying the ticket price! A visit to Paris won't be complete without going "up there"...

Sacré Coeur

Beautiful old white church on a small hill. Yet, another viewpoint for checking out Paris' panorama. The streets close to this basilica attract those yearning for a stroll between beautiful old buildings.

Notre Dame

A roughly 700 years-old gothic church, located on a small island in the River Seine. One of Paris' most notorious hotspots for visitors. You shouldn't miss this two-towered church!

Arc de Triomphe

Another iconic construction, a monument rather, erected to honour those who had fought and died during the French Revolution and during the Napoleonic Wars.

Avenue des Champs-Élysées

The iconic wide and long avenue of Paris with wonderful buildings along it. Wake a long walk along this road, especially if you like architecture.

Eat & Drink

French cuisine needs little presentation. Just some advice: while in Paris, you should even avoid everything else and go for traditional French foods and drinks! Leave the fast food restaurants and specialties that you can have easy access to at home as well.

Try the wide variety of meals, but don't forget about French red wine and Camembert and Roquefort cheese either!

Getting Around

The central area isn't as hard to walk in, as the distances in reality are much shorter than perceived. At arrival, tourists are often surprised how "everything is smaller" in Paris, than they have imagined.

A combination of subway and walking should do. Perhaps a few taxi rides, but renting a car in the crowded huge city will only make your trip worse. If you don't need a rental car very badly, then go for the metro, it's a vast network connecting the most important parts of Paris, the rest you can do by foot!

When to Visit Paris at Last Minute?

It's great visiting at any time.

Paris will receive loads of travelers during the summer. Consider fall and spring a good time to hunt for bargains. Last minute offers are more abundant in late September until November. Weather in October is cold, but bearable and the colourful autumn leaves make the city even more romantic.

During winter, the fares and rates rise, especially during late December, as many foreigners are enthusiastc about spending the New Year's celebrations, parties in the "City of Lights".

Travel Risks

Bag snatching, pickpocketing is very common in Paris, especially on the metro, buses and trams.

The periphery of the city is more dangerous, especially at night. Violent attacks, gang aggressions occur frequently.



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