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As we know it from TV,... it needs no introduction... New York could be a country, it is so diverse, so popular, so rich and so huge!

It is a dream destination of most travelers and even if you've been there several times, you can't get enough of it!

Due to the economy rise in Asia, more and more tourists from China, Japan and Singapore visits New York each year. To accommodate this large amount of foreign tourists, many of the New York hotels offer a variety of translated city tour guides and shuttle services.

The architecture and infrastructure of the "Big Apple" constitute the biggest attraction to arriving tourists... But one can only feel the city when dipped deep into its life... Stroll on the streets, try the subway, taste the meals, talk to the people, go to shops and attend live shows at theatres or perhaps watch a baseball match... There's plenty to see and do in the legendary metropolis!

Last minute travel offers on New York services are abundant on all major US travel sites, which activate in this segment (late booking). New York is one of those destinations that offer tremendous opportunities for the curious budget traveler. If you're aiming at high-end, then it's also a good idea: the "Big Apple" has a vast selection of amenities!


New York Factsheet


Population: 8,17 million (in 2010) in City; 18,89 million (in 2010) in metropolitan area

Local language(s): English

Other widely spoken or understood languages: -

Country, State: USA, New York

Voltage info: 110/120 V, 60 Hz - Plug type: A, B

Time zine: EST (UTC-5)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Airports are John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), both of which serve international flights and, there's a third in the proximity, LaGuardia Airport (LGA), which is a domestic aerial hub.

An additional airport is Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP), also known as Islip Airport, located a bit further, on Long Island near Ronkonkoma. Southwest Airlines low cost carrier serves this airport.

Amtrak connects New York with several other big cities of the country via rail lines.

New York Penn Station situated under Madison Square Garden is where you can get on/off the train.

By Road

I-95, I-87 are the interstates connecting with New York, if you're arriving by car or bus.

It's not advised to drive a vehicle in this area of the country. New York is an exhausting place to drive in. Time-consuming and effort-consuming. Unless you have no other way...

By Rail/Train

Commuter rail networks in and around New York are extensive..

Lond Island Rail Road (LIRR), Metro-North Rail Road (Metro North), New Jersey Transit and the subway-like PATH train are the rail systems in this category.

PATH connects New York City with Hoboken and Newark and parts of New Jersey. PATH operates around the Hudson River.

See & Do


ACould be a city itself, it's the core of the "Big Apple", this is where life is most intense. The financial center of the whole American continent boasts with its old and new skyscrapers.

Manhattan's Empire State Building and Chrysler Building are just two of the older, legendary skyscrapers. You will encounter plenty of beautiful old buildings combining classical architectural styles, art nouveau and neogothic elements...

Central Park and Wall Street are among the most notorious places in Manhattan. Though, Central Park is known for being dangerous especially at night.

But there's more to Manhattan than just architecture. There's intense nightlife and cultural life, great restaurants and so much more to see, taste, experience!


It used to be a separate city, now it's a borough of New York.

With lots of ethnic neighbourhoods, Brooklyn is a diverse residential area.

It's widely known for its music venues, theatres, artists and Brooklyn Bridge... There even is beach life and a place called Coney Island.


Two major airports are located here, it's the southern part of New York.

Queens is the most ethnically diverse part of New York. Over 170 different languages are spoken here.

The Bronx

You might know it from the movies, it's a residential area primarily, well-known for its large African-American population.

This is where the New York Yankees baseball team's stadium is located.

Bronx is very dangerous, especially at night, high crime rate makes it a place "to be avoided" by the naive foreign tourist. Though, there's no need to be too afraid. Bronx has its own beauty, has a unique atmosphere. There are guided tours to the Bronx, perhaps you would be interested in joining other curious visitors...

If you travel alone or in a small group, avoid the souther part of the Bronx, which is particularly dangerous.

Staten Island

Primarily a residential area, this borough is located close to the New Jersey Newark International Airport.

Eat & Drink

Everything is available in New York from ethnic delicacies to typical American foods. The variety is so wide, we needn't give you a general image about what to eat and drink in New York, we'd have to write a whole book about the abundance of restaurants and specialties.

Getting Around

Subway is best way to get around, but you should also try the widely popular yellow cab.

Renting a car isn't recommended, unless you hire one with a driver. Traffic jams are everywhere and driving your own automobile will only worsen your trip by eating up precious time and effort.

Buses will take you where subways won't, but they often get jam-packed with commuters. In fact, crowded subways in New York are almost as popular as those in Tokyo.

When to Visit New York at Last Minute?

All-year-round destination. Even during winter time, many travel to New York.

Prices tend to be lower and more last minute price cuts occur during these months/periods: late September - November, January - early March.

But, being a huge metropolis, New York will receive many visitors all the time. You will find plenty of late deals on flights, hotels and other services throughout the year.

A good idea is to create a list with the premium hotels in New York and then start the hunt for last minute rate offers. Some of the finest places to stay will cut prices so much that 5 star hotels will cost as little as 4 star ones.

Travel Risks

Some neighbourhoods, especially the Bronx are dangerous. Violent crime and theft are frequent. There are few worse places to be at night in the USA than the Bronx.

Avoid walking at night on narrow streets where few people are around and don't distance yourself too much from the center, especially when the Sun is setting or late at night.



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