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Miami is Florida's star city, the one where economic power is mainly fed by the tourism and entertainment industry. By many means, it's a colourful locality with a tropical atmosphere, a strong Caribbean and latino feel.

You just can't get bored of all the fun in Miami!

Slightly off the tip of Florida, Miami is a "knot" for cruise lines, a hub for those who want to venture out into the Caribbean, the Atlantic Ocean and beyond! Boat trip selections are plentyful! You can reach the whole Caribbean Sea area from here and, potentially find further travel opportunities - other exciting destinations to reach from Miami!

In our minds, most of us have the image of a Miami with palm tress, night clubs, luxury yachts, but there's more to this city than just that! Modern design, architecture and high culture are also booming in the city famous mainly for its beaches and entertainment.

Last minute offers are full of Miami services, especially in the US. But, Canadian aerial connections are excellent, so if you are from Canada, you might still be in for great late bargains. Western European and Central American, as well as South American big cities also have flight routes connecting with Miami.


Miami Factsheet


Population: 399.457 (in 2010) in City; 5,5 million (in 2010) in urban area

Local language(s): English

Other widely spoken or understood languages: Spanish

Country, State: USA, Florida

Voltage info: 110/120 V, 60 Hz - Plug type: A, B

Time zine: EST (UTC-5)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Miami International Airport is the only major airport in the south Florida area. Huge, serving over 35 million travelers each year, it also receives tremendous numbers of planes arriving from Central and South America, the Caribbean region as well. It has become a gateway for Latin Americans arriving to North America.

By Road

Interstate I-95 will take you to Miami from the north.

If you are arriving from the west, then take I-75.

By Rail/Train

Amtrak serves Miami with direct connection to New York, Washington. 2 trains are operated daily.

Tri-Rail trains are also operated between Miami, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale. Usually, the trains run on an hourly basis.

See & Do


It's where the modern high-rise office buildings and high-end hotels are located. This is the center of Miami, the established business district.

Walk around, potentially admire the skyline from a further viewpoint. It's beautiful at night.

MiMo Boulevard

The name originates from "Miami Modern Architecture", due to the abundance of modern buildings in the area. Most of them date back to the post World War II era, that was a time when Miami flourished... and it still does!

Plenty of small shops, restaurants and motels are located here.

When walking along the streets, you will notice rather unusually coloured buildings, various design elements attached to the buildings where local businesses are run.

Miami Design District

Filled with shops selling design objects, many art galleries and fashion shops...

Its history dates back the the 1920s...

Many buildings aren't overall impressive, but they're ambitiously improved by unique paintjobs.

It can be fun just walking in the area and perhaps taking photographs.

Coconut Grove

A fun place for walking around, admiring buildings along the streets.

There are good restaurants here as well, in case you get hungry while walking.

Little Havana (Latin Quarter)

It's situated west of downtown Miami and it used to be populated primarily by Cubans, until the 1990s, but even today the Latino population is high (although, not necessarily Cuban, rather South and Central American immigrants reside here).

Most people around here speak Spanish, many of them only understand this language.

8th Street (Calle Ocho) is the main artery along which you'll find interesting buildings, shops, restaurants.

Eat & Drink

Surprisingly, Miami has its own cuisine, which is known under the name of "New World cuisine".

It combines Nuevo Latino cuisine with several leading European ones. Sort of a hybrid cuisine...

With strong Mexican, Cuban and other Caribbean influences, the cuisine considered indigenous in Miami is rather close to Latin American cuisine.

Japanese, Chinese, French and Italian restaurants are also found here in abundance.

Getting Around

Miami's main quarters aren't at all far from each other. You can walk or take public transportation vehicles to them, renting a car won't be necessary, unless you want to reach further located places.

Metrorail is the main urban rail system and there's also the smaller Metromover, which complements it.

When to Visit Miami at Last Minute?

It's an all-year-round warm destination, you can travel at anytime!

High season is January - April, that's when prices are highest. Lowest season in terms of tourist numbers is June - September and that's when most Miami last minute deals are available.

Overall, May - September is the best time to search for last minute offers on Miami travel services. There will be more rooms to fill in hotels and prices drop slightly. Cruise lines may also give tremendous discounts. You might grab a cheap Caribbean cruise of a lifetime with departure from Miami!

Travel Risks

Miami is considered dangerous at night. Violent attack crimes, firearm attacks are frequent. Avoid walking at night.

Car accidents are very frequent.



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