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The boasting metropolis of Los Angeles (also known as "City of Angels") is a complex locality with skyscraper-filled business districts, vast suburban residential neighbourhoods, luxurious living quarters, thriving beach area, but also slumish impoverished slumish neighbourhoods - the ones shown in so many Hollywood movies.

It's a complex city with a powerful economy, plenty of attractions, tremendous variety among neighbourhoods... it's a gigantic and colourful city!

You've seen it so often in films, why not jump into the legendary south Californian metropolis?

If you grab advantageous last mintue discounts on Los Angeles travel services, then you got yourself a ticket to one of the most fabulous travel destinations in the USA. L.A. is not only attractive by itself, but it's also a gateway to further places to explore in the area and even a bit further in the Pacific Ocean! San Diego, perhaps a flight to Hawaii...


Los Angeles Factsheet


Population: 3,79 (in 2010) in City; 15,25 million (in 2010) in metropolitan area

Local language(s): English

Other widely spoken or understood languages: Spanish

Country, State: USA, California

Voltage info: 110/120 V, 60 Hz - Plug type: A, B

Time zine: PST (UTC-8)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Los Angeles International Airport or simply "LAX" is by far the biggest airport in the area. You should fly in through LAX. Other smaller airports and airstrips are located a bit further and no major airline flights are regularly operated on them.

By Road

Either by Greyhound bus service or by driving a car, you will easily access Los Angeles from the following directions: from north - San Francisco direction, from south - San Diego direction, from east - Las Vegas and Phoenix.

By Rail/Train

You can reach L.A. by Amtrak trains. Union Station is in central Los Angeles. Routes served include: Pacific Surfliner, Coast Starlight, Sunset Limited, Southwest Chief and Texas Eagle.

Metrolink can be another option, which connects the nearby cities: Riverside, Lancaster, Oceanside, San Bernardino, Oxnard. Metrolink also serves Union Station.

By Ship/Boat

By yacht, cruise ship or other boat. Most often accessible through the harbour area of L.A.

See & Do


The business area, the fine restaurants, shops and residential buildings are located here. The iconic skyscrapers as well...


Some confuse it with East Los Angeles. This part is actually comprised of the neighbourghoods Silverlake, Los Feliz, Echo Park and several others.

It's full of parks and green areas.

Harbor Area

This is where you can take boats to Catalina Island or take a cruise ship for Pacific cruises. Otherwise, it's mostly an industrial area.


Although, not part of downtown L.A., it's close and you mustn't miss it. Needs no presentation... the movie industry paradise is an expensive small city with luxury shops and restaurants, but on budget you can also get to check it out.

South Central

It's a rather poor bad-famed neighbourhood of Los Angeles.

Perhaps the most interesting attraction here are the Watts Towers, which are interconnected towers looking quite peculiar like they were made of cables... Otherwise, it's an arts center.

San Fernando Valley

Plenty of towns, small cities lie here. Residential area.

Malibu Beach

Perhaps the most famous beach in the World. Northwest of Los Angeles, easily reachable by car or bus.

Huntington Beach

It's a popular getway place for people lising in and around L.A. There are plenty of good restaurants, places to stay, for instance, hotels and resorts located close to the Pacific shore.

Eat & Drink

Wide variety of restaurants from typical american ones to foreign-specialized ones as well.

Getting Around

The best idea is to rent yourself a car and drive it around L.A.

Buses are frequent, taxis are popular as well, but there's a Metro Rail system as well. It's sort of a subway, but it doesn't quite cover the huge city. Not completely, just some of its main zones.

When to Visit Los Angeles at Last Minute?

Peak season is June - September, outside of that the prices should be lower.

We could say that Los Angeles is good to visit all-year-round, but the best last minute offers for it you'll find in September, October, November.

Outside of those 3 months, you should still be able to grab late discounts periodically, regardless of season. Be on the lookout for airfares, hotel rates, car rentals all the time. Hey, it's a big city and anything can come up, jsut about any time!

Travel Risks

Swindles, fraud are popular. Some neihgbourhoods, especially at the periphery and old industrial zones are more dangerous at night.



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