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The "Entertainment Capital of the World" is a dream destination for many of us. Some call it "Sin City". It's the biggest city in Nevada, USA, situated literally in the middle of the desert and thrives thanks to the entertainment industry, especially gambling... It is believed that only the losses in casinos reach up to 200 billion dollars per year!

Luxury, kitsch are both there and except the mega casinos and the finest high-end segment hotels, you'll also find plenty of budget travel possibilities. Everyone can enjoy Las Vegas, it's not just the city of the rich!

Hotels themselves put strong emphasis on decorations, staff training... Glamour shines everywhere in Vegas, you'll find yourself in a movie setting almost...

Although, the city is constantly attracting travelers, the last minute offers keep rolling as well. Now let's take a look at the destination and then at the late travel opportunities!


Las Vegas Factsheet


Population: 583.765 (in 2010) in City; 1,95 million (in 2010) in metropolitan area

Local language(s): English

Other widely spoken or understood languages: -

Country, State: USA, Nevada

Voltage info: 110/120 V, 60 Hz - Plug type: A, B

Time zine: PST (UTC-8)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is the only airport of the city. There are connections to many domestic and international destinations.

Southwest and numerous other low fare airlines also operate to this airport.

By Road

Travelling by car from the west is possible across the Mojave Desert (very beautiful scenery, you can make interesting stops along the road...), for that you will have to take the I-15 interstate.

From the east, you can take the I-40 through Arizona, then take on the US-93, after that switch to I-15 interstate.

From north you can drive on the US-95 road from Reno's direction.

By Rail/Train

There are Amtrak lines in Needles, which is 113 mi (181 km) away from Las Vegas. You can travel by train from Los Angeles to Needles or from the Albuquerque direction, then drop off and take a bus or car to Las Vegas.

Another way to use train for traveling to Las Vegas is to stop at Amtrak's San Joaquin route, which runs between San Francisco and Bakersfield. From Bakersfield you can reach Las Vegas with one of the 2 daily buses or a rental car...

See & Do

Viva Vision - Fremont Steet Experience

This is a shopping centre with casinos nearby. They project multimedia shows on a canopy at night.

Flamingo Garden

It's a 15 acre garden with beautiful flamingo birds, koi fish and turtles.

The Mirage

It's a huge hotel with over 3.000 rooms. The Siefried & Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat is located here, you will also be able to admire the famous white tigers when there.

There's even an artificial volcano at The Mirage, which erupts from 7 PM to midnight at each hour.


Another renowned Vegan hotel with a fantastic waterfountain and artificial lake in front of it. It has 3.933 rooms and it's among the premium hotels in the city. The film "Ocean's Thirteen" was shot here, so was "The Hangover" and many others...

Permanent and periodical shows, a botanical garden, fountain show, fine art gallery and so much more can be seen there!

Las Vegas Chinatown Plaza

Large malls with Chinese and other Asian businesses.

The Venetian Hotel

Iconic to Las Vegas. A kitsch paradise that immitates the Italian Venice.

Some of the most important buildings in Venice have been reproduced and there are gondolas too! Just like in Venice, you can take gondola trips.

No, the feeling is not like in Venice, just another taste of Las Vegas!

Mandalay Bay

It's a 44-story luxury resort and casino with over 3.300 rooms and several annexes, lots of fancy amenities.

The Mandalay Bay Tram connects this resort-casino with the Excalibur and Luxor sister properties.

Dozens of restaurants and showrooms are situated in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. You might even get lost in the complex!

They created an aquarium called "Shark Reef", exciting place for kids and adults as well...

Eat & Drink

You'll find just about anything in Las Vegas. All is there in the "Entertainment Capital of the World". Prices might be an issue... Make sure you know where you're eating, as prices can be staggering high at many restaurants!

Getting Around

Las Vegas has several buses, taxis are expensive, but renting a good vehicle there is a great idea and not necessarily expensive. You will have more freedom of movement.

There is a monorail, which can be fun for sightseeing at least, not only for transportation. Try the Las Vegas monorail, don't miss it when there!

Overall, it's not a huge city, you can get around fairly easy even on foot. Getting to nearby attractions (outside Vegas) might be a problem though... get a rental car for that or take a cab or bus.

When to Visit Boston at Last Minute?

Las Vegas is an all-year-round destination. Crowds visit it throughout the year.

Perhaps you'd like to avoid the heat? Then note that June - September are the hottest periods with May and October also heating up quite often. On average, there are 100 degrees Fahrenheit (36-40 degrees Celsius) during daytime in the June - September interval. Literally no rain at all... precipitation is almost non-existent.

At last minute, you can obtain great bargains with last minute deals, especially if you search separately for flights, hotels and resorts. There are plenty of specialized resorts in the "Entertainment Capital of the World".

The idea is to put together a Vegas trip rather by yourself, book flight and reserve hotel at discount. The opportunities will appear suddenly, as there is basically no "off-season" for Las Vegas... The city boils in spendor and the rich guys never have too little money to gamble away...

Travel Risks

Swindles, frauds are popular, because "big bucks" are "rotated" in Vegas. And, wherever there's the combination of plenty of money and entertainment, there's also crime related to it.



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