We'll take you through some of the most appealing travel locations for last minute trips. Cities, resorts, exotic islands, archipelagos or even whole countries have specific benefits and, the array of services usually has location-related risks. If you intend to book late, you must be well-informed and there's no better place for that, than!

Explore our travel guides and discover the best places to travel to at last minute. You'll find out how you can spend less when booking later, how you can squeeze the best out of your trip in order to make it more enjoyable.


Travel Guides

To the Mountains, to Aspen!

Winter sports paradise with fresh air in dense green forests, spectacular views of the Maroon Bells Mountains...


The Cool, Atlantic Boston

Another popular location in the USA for short city breaks. Boston has pleasant urban attractions, good restaurans.


Take a Break in the City of Winds!

Chicago offers great views, cultural attractions and excellent dining places.


Down South, Travel to Dallas

If you haven't seen Dallas, you haven't seen Texas! Check our guide!


Fort Lauderdale

Popular Floridan sunny holiday location for beach and a lot more!


"Sin City" - the Glittery City in the Desert

The shiny city that boasts with its entertainment industry, Las Vegas from the Nevada desert...


Sunny L.A. is Waiting for You!

Our guide unveils the top attractions and last minute travelling possibilities to Los Angeles.


Escape for Sun and Fun in Miami

Drink a cocktail under the palmtrees, enjoy beach life, but Miami also has beautiful architecture and interesting design shops!


"The City that Never Sleeps"

New York, as we know it... Check out how to grab a trip to NYC!

Orlando, an Entertainment Hotspot

Theme parks, and other entertaiment facilities, amenities and music events await you at the beachless Orlando in Florida


Philadelphia Escape Ideas

"Philly" used to be the capital of the United States. It's a peculiar mix between New York and Washington.


Relax and Warm Up in San Diego

South California's major port city is not only attractive for itself, it's a great place for starting out to Pacific cruise trips.


A Guide to Thriving Modern Toronto

Canada's biggest city, the multi-ethnic Toronto is to Canada what New York is to the USA.


Vancouver: Yachting, Fish Restaurants...

Trendy destination in Canada for yachting and entertainment event travel.


Under the Shade of the Palms...

One of Florida's many "magnetic" destinations.


Romance or Sightseeing in Paris?

Find out what to see and how to travel cheap to the romantic city of Paris!


"All Roads Lead to Rome"

Another warm and romantic location in Europe. Rome has them all: architecture, delicious Italian gastronomy and lots of surprises!

Get a Taste of Mexican Beach Life in Acapulco

Renowned beach destination, which has earned the title of the "Mexican Riviera".


Take a Trip to Southern Portugal: Algarve

Small friendly towns, green wine, beautiful sea cliff views and beaches!


Alicante, Under the "Rock"

One of Mediterranean Spain's most frequently visited beach destinations. Find out more about it in this guide!


Take a Dip in Bahamas

Notorious Caribbean destination preferred by the rich, but also accessible on tighter budget...


Fun and Sun in Mallorca and Ibiza!

Europe's most visited Mediterranean archipelago, famous for its beautiful old towns, discos and beach life.


Benidorm Beach Resort City

Most of this city was built in order to serve tourism. It's a fun "resort industry complex" for beach activities.


Evade to the Exotic Canaries!

Hot beaches, sun and fun, desert and volcano tours and forest hiking are all there on the Canary Islands!

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