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Perhaps Croatia's most famous city...

The small Dubrovnik is a scenic place bearing the shapes of ancient architecture. It's a fortified seaside city that combines cultural life with beach life...

During recent years, Dubrovnik has gained more "spotlight" and during the summer it gets overcrowded. And nowadays even the large cruise ships operating on the Mediterranean stop over at Dubrovnik's port.

It's not considered expensive, but getting there might not be the easiest thing. It's an exclave of Croatia.

Boats, road vehicles and planes can all take you there, but if you don't want to overpay, then check this little guide!


Dubrovnik Factsheet


Population: 42.615 (in 2011) in City

Local language(s): Croatian

Other widely spoken or understood languages: -

Country, State: Croatia, Dubrovnik-Neretva county

Voltage info: 230 V, 50 Hz - Plug type: C, F

Time zine: CET (UTC+1)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

The Cilipi airport is about 20 km south of Dubrovnik.

The vast majority of flights are operated on a seasonal basis - most airlines are either low cost- or, charter carriers.

By Road

It can be an exhausting drive to arrive in from other European countries. But if you're an experienced driver, you'll love to drive along the Croatian coast - beautiful scenery!
As for buses: apart from ships, planes, only buses constitute the remaining available mass transportation means. A plethora of buses transport people along the Croatian coast.

By Ship/Boat

Apart from cruise ships, there's a large number of ferries to- and from various parts of Croatia, as well as Italy and other countries.
If you're travelling to Dubrovnik from Italy by ferry, then Bari, Ancona, Rimini and Venice are the best places to embark.

Dubrovnik is a very popular cruise ship destination. In 2008 it was the World's 10th most popular port of call for cruise ships.

See & Do

City Walls and the Old Town

Much of the old town is a fortified sea town. It's worth taking long walks, exploring the views...

City Harbor

Stunning scenery with yachts, boats and palm trees on the shoreline.

Dubrovnik Cable Car

Try it to get a better view over the city. When traveling, it's always good to check out the high-situated viewpoints.


Dubrovnik has 2 main beaches: Lapad and Banje. Quite rocky shores and might get crowded sometimes.

Korcula Island

Many boats, ferries operate to Korcula - a nearby island with scenic views. The island offers a somewhat quieter retreat from Dubrovnik.

Eat & Drink

There's a variety of restaurants - various Mediterranean foods are available at them to your delight.

Getting Around

By foot, taxi. Boats will take you to nearby islands. The town area is very small.

When to Visit Croatia at Last Minute?

High season is during the summer. Most people arrive in the July-August until the mid-September period.
April is cooler, but you might catch good weather (you could forget about sunbathing, though... too cold for that) and prices are lower.
Many arrive during June as well, but significantly less than in August.

For grabbing the cheapest price on hotels and still enjoying good weather, we recommend you the month of May, even June!

Travel Risks

Theft, acts of vandalism and even brutal gang-assaults occur from time to time.



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