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Could Capri be Europe's most beautiful island? It's hard to tell, its views are so beautiful and some say even the sunlight shines differently in the area.

Everyone gets there by boat from Naples or other nearby Italian ports.

Capri is wonderful, a "must visit" during a lifetime. At least once. But once seen, you'll want to return at least once more!

Capri last minute travel guide just below the image below...


Capri Factsheet


Population: 12.200 (in 2002)

Local language(s): Italian

Other widely spoken or understood languages: English

Country, State: Italy, Naples

Voltage info: 230 V, 50 Hz - Plug type: C, F, L

Time zine: CET (UTC+1)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Fly in and out through Naples' airport. Alternatively you might want to fly either to Rome or Bari (depending on your itinerary/route or, if you don't have any connecting flights). Some fly to rome and take train or bus to Naples.

Either way, in order to reach Capri, you will have to take a boat/ferry.

By Road

By road it's recommended to take either highway A1 (from Rome), A16 from the Bari and Foggia direction, A3 from Potenza's direction.
You will then have to stop at Naples and eventually take the boat to Capri.

By Rail/Train

Naples has excellent rail connections with other large cities, for instance Rome (as mentioned higher on this page).
You can simply arrive in by train, take a taxi to the port and hop on a ferry or hydrofoil to Capri!

By Ship/Boat

40-60 minutes is the ship journey from Naples.
Prices vary by boat type: hydrofoil, ferry trips are in the 14-18 EUR range (as of early 2013), but water taxi services are also available (prices vary a lot from company to company).
Of course, Capri may be reached by various bigger or smaller boats from nearby islands and smaller towns.
The larger ships - ferries and hydrofoils stop at the Marina Grande to embarking/disembarking travelers.

See & Do

Marina Grande

Large marina where most ships arrive in. It's a good place for admiring fishing boats and yachts as well.

Marina Piccola and the Faraglioni

Located on the other side of the island. Scenic views can be admired there. Less boats, more quietness... seagulls often roam there. The other side of the islands ia a more "wild" side with dense vegetation, abrupt cliffs.
The Faraglioni are high seacliffs at the edge of the Marina Piccola. Scenic views, blue sea...

Torre Dell'Orologio

Small clock tower. One of the main attractions. It's right near the Piazetta Umberto.

Chiesa di Santo Stefano

Small white church near the Piazetta Umberto.

Piazetta Umberto

It's the small square - sort-of the main square of Capri. The main station of the small local buses is near. An abundance of shops and restaurants and fantastic views can be enjoyed there...

Grotta Azurra/The Blue Grotto

It's the famous "blue cave" system on the Anacapri side.
Thing is, this cave is a sea cave and sometimes it gets flooded with water. But when the water reaches lowe levels, tourists are taken in by boats. It's fantastic to see the translucent blue water - as the sunlight penetrates the cave from underneath through the water!

Casa Rosa

Redish building in the town Anacapri - built in the late 1800s; it's an art museum today and you can climb to its top and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view all around.

Monte Solaro and the Chair Lift

It's the highest point on Capri. The chair lift can bring you up there and you can either take the same means down or simply walk down. The views from up there are unrivaled on the entire island.
No trip to Capri is complete without a visit to Monte Solaro's top.

Eat & Drink

There's a vast number of restaurants on Capri. The traditional Italian dishes, specialties can be found almost anywhere.
One particular specialty is the Capri Salad and the Capri Pizza. Some local agents sell them.
As for drinks: local lemon and other citric fruits-based liqueurs are available (at a high price) to take away.

Getting Around

Capri and Anacapri are the only two towns on the island.
It's easiest to either walk between them or, take the bus or a taxi.
Otherwise there are a handful of bus stations and mini buses operating on the island. The buses circulate according to a regular schedule, but get overcrowded at you might feel like it takes ages to get from one side of the island to the other (partly due to intense traffic, partly because buses don't circulate often).
The funicolare is a mountain tram connecting the harbour with the higher-situated parts of Capri town.

When to Visit Capri at Last Minute?

We recommend you to focus on April, May, September and October for the lowest prices. Demand is lowest then.
But for the best weather, pick mid-May through mid-September. Late deals are quite abundant in May, weather might be warm, even hot, while the crowds start arriving in. In June-August the island is get overcrowded and finding an available hotel room is dreadfully hard.

Travel Risks

Be careful when walking across cliffs and off-road. Some acccidents occur.
Theft, pickpocketing occur very rarely. Capri is a very safe place (as opposed to Naples!).



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