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One of the first established cities in the USA, Boston is also the largest in the region known as New England. The city is also the capital of the state of Massachusetts.

Today, Boston is most well-known for its thriving business environment, hi-tech industry, its high education institutions. For tourists, it's a beautiful port city with harbours, plenty of green, a place where fishing and yachting have an old tradition.

Life standards are high in Boston, it has a major international airport, plenty of quality hotels and it is also home to numerous attractions, including ethnic neighbourhoods.

Whether a short break or a longer stay, your trip to the Atlantic city of Boston won't bore you at all! Evade from daily routine and reinvigorate your spirit with joyful activities, delicious meals and sightseeing... But try to avoid the cold winds!


Boston Factsheet


Population: 617.594 (in 2010) in City; 4,5 million (2008 est.) in metropolitan area

Local language(s): English

Other widely spoken or understood languages: -

Country, State: USA, Massachusetts

Voltage info: 110/120 V, 60 Hz - Plug type: A, B

Time zine: EST (UTC-5)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Fly in to Boston's Logan International Airport. It's one of the biggest airports in the USA. You will find many flights from Europe and Latin America as well. There are plenty of aerial connections with Canada.

By Road

I-93 and I-90 are the two major highways connecting Boston to the major road arteries of the United States.

By Rail/Train

Amtrak lines link Boston to nearby large cities. From Chicago, New York and other cities, other directions, you can easily reach Boston by rail.

See & Do

Back Bay

Is home to some of top-notch shops, restaurants and bars, but it also includes shoppping centers and business centers as well.


The Bunker Hill Monument is located here and the old ship of U.S.S. Consitution is also anchored here - a well-preserved old battleship with sails! And, it's still fully functional - they say it's "fit for battle"!


Boston's Chinatown is the 4th largest in the country. A charming place to try Asian dining. It's also fun walking through for the atmosphere only...

Dorchester (Dot)

It's the largest and most populous neighbourhood of Boston. It's diverse and it has some of the best places to eat at. The famous JFK Library is also in Dorchester.

Financial District

Most photos of Boston generally depict the iconic scenery that you can see here. High-rise buildings and yacht ports, shopping centers are among the primary attractions and there's also the New England Aquarium for spending time.

Yacht Trips

Some might enjoy it, but the waters might be less calm and the winds certainly colder and stronger than in South California or the Florida area!

Eat & Drink

Boston is home to lots of ethnic restaurants and of course, typical American cuisine. This oceanshore city is a fantastic place for trying fish, but also Asian food - especially Chinese in Chinatown.

Getting Around

Either rent a car, pick the mass transit system or just go wandering on your own feet. Depends on what type of a person you are and what you want from your trip. The business traveler will rent his own car, but some prefer more flexibility... they like getting deeper into Boston's life, therefore it's ideal combining walking with their excellent mass transit system (which includes: bus, comuter rail, subway, boat).

When to Visit Boston at Last Minute?

The high season is during spring and summer.

It will be cheaper to visit Boston in autumn.

Last minute offers are especially advantageous in August, September, October.

We advise you to avoid the January - March period, as the weather is too rough - ice cold!

Travel Risks

Minor risks, such as cold rainy storms in the autumn and possible snowstorms during winter time.

Otherwise, crime rate is relatively low, if compared to the biggest cities and the southern part of the country.



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