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Well known resort city on the Spanish Costa Brava, north of Alicante. The shores of this locality are washed by the Mediterranean Sea.

High-rise hotels, apartment blocks fill the skyline of the fun and sunny Benidorm.

Costa Brava last minute holidays are crammed with Benidorm travel offers. Although, a rather tourism-centered location, without many old architectural attractions, the Benidorm area is one of Spain's top beach travel destinations.


Benidorm Factsheet


Population: 71.198 (in 2010) in City

Local language(s): Spanish

Other widely spoken or understood languages: -

Country, State: Spain, Community of Valencia

Voltage info: 230 V, 50 Hz - Plug type: C, F

Time zine: CET (UTC+1)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Benidorm doesn't have its own airport. But, you can reach it either from the airports of Alicante (closest to the south) or Valencia (a bit further to the north).

Last minute flights to Alicante and Valencia will start appearing especially during May, late August, September.

Málaga and Barcelona are much further away, but have much bigger and more frequented airports, so if you're arriving from far away, then you might want to consider checking the options for those airports as well. Then, reach by car, bus or train to Benidorm.

By Road

Reach Benidorm via the modern highways from the south (from the Málaga direction) or from the north (Alicante and Barcelona) direction. This is the best way to approach the city.

There are lots of buses with domestic and international routes serving Benidorm.

Don't expect last minute prices on buses, as these vehicles are usually full of travelers during high season and when there isn't high season, they simply don't operate.

By Rail/Train

Renfe operates trains between Benidorm and various big cities along the coast.

Alicante is the most popular place to reach Benidorm from. Special rapid trams will only steal 1 hour and 10 minutes from your time.

See & Do

Beach life, night life, water parks, theme parks and restaurants are abundant.

There are some boat trips available as well, but there is no major cruise line port at Benidorm.

Nearby mountain tops offer splendid views of the city. Especially at night, Benidorm's nicely-lit high-rise buildings look especially attractive! Explore maps for higher ground nearby - there are some fantastic viewpoints (especially north of the city there are some great locations). You get to look down towards Benidorm's crowd of high-rise buildings and long sandy beach strip.

Eat & Drink

The typical Spanish cuisine with paellas, mediterranean seafood dishes and Spanish red wine are most popular.

But you'll find Italian and Japanese cuisine, even Turkish. Not to mention American fast food restaurants.

Getting Around

By foot, taxi.

Rental cars will be available in large numbers. Might be a good idea, if you're traveling to other locations as well, otherwise it won't be necessary only for Benidorm. During high season all rental cars get rented out, so advance reservation would be necessary.

You might consider renting a bicycle for easier, sportier transportation.

When to Visit Benidorm at Last Minute?

From May to September there are occasional dust storms, however, it's the sunniest period for visiting.

Overall, it is considered an all-year-round destination. Even in winter, in December, temperatures are between 8-13 degrees Celsius (46-55 Fahrenheit).

The warmest period is May - October. Second half of May is warm, first half of October is warm.

The rest of the year prices will be significantly lower, there will be more discount offers. Last minute deal hunters will find plenty of adavantageous tariffs. But if you're burning for the Sun and great beach life, then it's May, late August and September, early October when you'll have to be on the lookout.

Basically the only grea last minute offers on Benidorm services will be in case of hotels.

During the cold months even less tourists will arrive and prices will drop further. Quite often much more than a 50 % drop when compared to standard summer high season rates. But the water will be slightly colder and you might not be able to swim...

Travel Risks

Bag snatching, pickpocketing and swindles, frauds are frequent. When on the beach and while sitting in restaurants and bars, be more precautious. Also be aware of occasional theft of valuables from hotel rooms. Never leave your valuables in the room, after going away.



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