Last Minute Visitor's Choices
for the Invigorating Balearic Islands





These are the most welcoming warm European islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca (Majorca), Menorca, Ibiza, Fromenterra are the largest elements of the archipelago.

Last minute deals to Ibiza and Mallorca are especially plentiful in Europe! Late summer and early fall is the time when you'll find a plethora of published offers and price-cuts on flights, hotel rates etc. That's when least travelers arrive to the islands...

Let's take a glimpse at what you can find there and then we'll explore the last minute travel possibilities in details, together!


Balearic Islands Factsheet


Country, Region: Spain, Community of the Balearic Islands

Region's Capital: Palma

Population: 1,1 million (in 2010)

Local language(s): Catalan, Spanish

Other widely spoken or understood languages: English

Voltage info: 230 V, 50 Hz - Plug type: C, F

Time zine: CET (UTC+1)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Palma de Mallorca (on Mallorca) and Ibiza (on Ibiza) have airports receiving tourists from almost all countries of the European continent. Major European cities generally have seasonal flights to the islands, but Spain will offer many regular air links as well.

By Ship/Boat

There are numerous ferries, for instance from Barcelona, Alicante and Valencia, but also from France and Italy. Large numbers of cruise ships stop by, bringing crowds of visitors to the islands.

See & Do

For last minute travelers, Ibiza and the island of Mallorca (often written as "Majorca") should be on top of the list. Consider the rest of the islands only if your schedule allows it (it can be time-consuming).

Ibiza City and Palma de Mallorca are the main hotspots for just about anything. These urban areas boast with palms, clubs, beaches, restaurants and plenty of other things you'd wish for...

Enjoy night life and beach life, try the bars, clubs and even explore the old streets, residential quarters. There are numerous beautiful old buildings in these cities. There's also a large number of exquisite luxury houses, some of which are owned by rich Europeans, among whom are many Germans, British, Swedish, Russian, Duch and Austrian citizens.

Additionally, the yacht marinas, ports are areas where you can take relaxing walks, admire the ships, walk along the promenades or sit under the shade of a palm tree.

Travel inland to avoid the huge crowds and see beautiful towns, taste wine and take photographs of scenic valleys!

Eat & Drink

Just about anything is available, but you should focus primarily on Spanish, Valencian, Catalonian dishes. Italian and French cuisine have a strong presence as well.

Mallorca and Ibiza have a large number of pubs and bars, places where some westerners regularly get drunk.

Getting Around

Within towns, it's enough by foot. A bicycle might prove useful.

On Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca, you will even find a rental car useful. Some companies organize off-road 4x4 ATV trips inland.

If you rent a road vehicle, then you will have to travel inland and discover the friendly small towns and get dipped in their unique atmosphere.

When to Visit the Balearic Islands at Last Minute?

Most travelers visit the Balearic islands during the June - September. It's the hottest, driest, but prices will be elevated as well.

April and May have lower demands, but weather is still overall fine. Perhaps April is not the best for beach life, though (weather and water might be too cold).

September is still warm and October is still quite good for visiting.

November is another month, but cooler, still adequate for traveling to the Balearic Islands.

Overall, October and November are warmer than April (surprisingly).

The best months for late offers, discount deals are: April - May and September - November.

We'd recommend May and September: if you grab a good deal, you'll get the good weather and low prices both in one!

Travel Risks

Theft of personal belongings is frequent. On the beach, clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels, but even when walking on streets, be extremely careful!

Unfortunately, the islands are well-known for drug sales. Avoid those whom you suspect of selling, offering drugs, stimulants of any kind. Avoid drinks offered by strangers, including bar personnel.

Violent attacks might occur. Though, violence is more happens on occasionally in and around discos, bars, pubs, where drunken gangs sometimes clash. The fights are frequently between visitors and not assaults from locals against tourists.



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