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Exhilarating Bahamas Islands!





The notorious Caribbean travel destination, the Bahamas is primarily accessible for those living in the USA and Canada, but remains a dream holiday destination for most travelers from the rest of the World. It's associated with luxury, rather than economic travel.

It is one of the most fabulous locations to spend a last minute-earned holiday... Grabbing a late booking bargain can be the "secret key" to a dream trip! So, let's take a look at these warm islands and what they have, then we'll give you some tips on when to hunt for the price-cuts and what to expect in terms of travel risks!


Bahamas Factsheet


Country's Capital: Nassau

Population: 353.658 (in 2010)

Local language(s): English, Bahamian Dialect, Spanish

Other widely spoken or understood languages: -

Voltage info: 120 V, 60 Hz and 50 Hz - Plug type: A, B

Time zine: EST (UTC-5)



Getting There & Away

By Plane

Nassau Lynden Pindling International Airport is the main gateway to the country. The largest city is also where most attractions and the best hotels are. So, consider flying directly in to Nassau! 3 million people pass through the airport gates yearly!

Great US and Canadian aerial connections and adequate UK aerial links exist.

By Ship/Boat

Some ships, especially cruise ships operate to Nassau, try them. Potentially, a cruise line may bring you there and drop you off.

See & Do

Andros, New Providence, Long Island, Rum Cay, San Salvador Island, Eleuthera, Little Abaco, Grand Bahama, Mayaguana Island, Acklins Island and Great Inagua are the main large islands.

Most of them are worth visiting. Check the offers of the agents to see where they can take you.

Every corner of the Bahamas is exotically beautiful!

Most porbably you will be able to see New Providence, as it's where Nassau, the capital is located.

Boat trips with rental boats, cruise ships are popular.

Scuba diving and swimming are even more frequently tried out by the visitors coming here.

Luxury hotels and restaurants are in abundance. If you belong to this category of customers, you might want to check the last minute rate offers of Bahamas-located hotels and resorts.

Dolphin watching tours, but even shark encounters are offered to curious tourists. Talking about sharks... makes sure you only bathe close to the shores and only in permitted areas, as the area is full of sharks.

Various water sports, like kayaking, kiteboarding, wave running, waterskiing are widely available.

Eat & Drink

There is a wide selection of meals ranging from various internationally well-known cuisines to Caribbean specialties and, of course, there are plenty of cocktails! There are few things more enjoyable (if any!) than sipping a cocktail in the Sun in the Bahamas!

Rum and liquors are widely sold as well.

Getting Around

When on a single island: in the cities by foot, taxi will be just enough. You will rarely need a car, perhaps in Nassau.

Ships, boats will take you from island to island. Island tours are organized, but regular ferries circulate as well.

When to Visit Bahamas at Last Minute?

It's "quite" an all-year-round destination, but... May, July and September and October are rainier, more wet. And, June and August are awfully wet and hot at the same time.

To avoid the worst periods, don't travel in June and August.

Last minute Bahamas offers are throughout the whole year, but also during these mentioned "not so pleasant" warm and wet months. Prices will drop when demand drops, but in case of the Bahamas, be on the lookout at any time!

Travel Risks

Don't walk in wilderness areas and take precautions against insect bites, especially at night.

Avoid swimming in non-permitted areas and where few or no people swim, because of sharks and other dangerous creatures.

Theft of valuables may occur, beaches and restaurants are high on the list of locations where thieves operate.

Violent crime is present and precaution is advised. Recently, physical attacks on foreign tourists have increased.

Avoid deserted beaches, avoid clubs, bars, discos late at night, especially if you're alone.



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