Fast Escape to the Mexican Riviera:
Acapulco at Last Minute





The Mexican Riviera's top city, located on the Pacific Coast.

If you associate Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Diego with the Pacific splendour, then you must also discover Acapulco!

The alluring beach front of Acapulco you've probably seen in movies will turn you on with its sparkling atmosphere, joyful life!

Situated in a beautiful bay, the Bahia de Acapulco has splendid views and warm climate. It's an all-year-round destination with intense beach life!

Have great meals, take a swim, explore the surroundings and most importantly: relax!


Acapulco Factsheet


Population: 863.438 (in 2010) in City

Local language(s): Spanish

Other widely spoken or understood languages: English

Country, State: Mexico, Guerrero

Voltage info: 127 V, 60 Hz - Plug type: A, B

Time zine: PST (UTC-8)


Getting There & Away

By Plane

General Juan N. Álvarez International Airport is just south of Acapulco.

There were more flights to Acapulco from the US, Canada and the UK, but many of them have recently been canceled. The reason is partly due to decrease in tourism demand due to the current drug-related armed conflict in the country.

Best aerial connections are from Mexico City, Montréal, Toronto, London, Birmingham (UK), Houston and Newark.

By Road

You can get to Acapulco either by bus from other large Mexican cities or by driving a car.

The Pacific Coastal Highway (MX 200) runs down the western coast. It is the best road to drive down on, if you're arriving from the USA or northwestern Mexico.

But now with the drug war undergoing, it will be rather difficult to feel safe on the Mexican roads.

By Ship/Boat

Cruise ships frequently visit Acapulco's bay. They drop anchor and disembark travelers for a while. This could be an opportunity to get to the Mexican Riviera's "pearl".

This can be a great time for a short visit to the beautiful city and get a taste of beach life.

There are no regular passenger boat services to Acapulco.

See & Do

The Bay's Shore, the Beach

The best parts of the sand-covered beach are about 8 km (5 mi) long. Great for walking and even running! The whole beach area including the cliffs is more than 2 times this long.


The old square of Acapulco. More authentic with old architecture and fountains.

Pie de la Cuesta

Located north of Acapulco, this area is most famous for its freshwater Laguna de Cuyoca.

Driving time to Pie de la Cuesta takes 5-10 minutes, depending on which part of the city you start out from.

La Quebrada Cliff

Daring divers frequently jump off the high cliffs in the La Quebrada area. This cliff jumping tradition dates back to 1934.

La Perla is a restaurant which is situated close enough for guests to be able to see the divers jump.

Puerto Marquez

This is situated east of Acapulco, in a small bay called Bahia de Puerto Marquez.

Peninsula de Las Playas

Located on the western part of the Acapulco Bay, an "almost island-like" peninsula. Near it you will find the Las Villas Yacht Club, a port where yachts are anchored.

Eat & Drink

Traditional Mexican cuisine and Italian food are most abundant. American fast food is present here as well.

Clubs and bars are popular with those who are yearning for cocktails. There's an abundance of night clubs and bars and a plethora of the finest cocktails.

Getting Around

Walking is good, renting a car is not necessary, but if you're not used to longer walks, then a car will do for driving from one end of the bay's shore to the other.

When to Visit Acapulco at Last Minute?

It's an all-year-round travel destination. However, lower numbers of tourists arrive in the June - October interval. You should check that period for last minute offers on hotels in Acapulco.

Overall, it's rather the cruise ships that you should check for late deals, they will bring you in and out more safely and you'll also have the security of staying on the floating ship!

Travel Risks

The Mexican Drug War is undergoing and serious events had been reported during the past years in the Acapulco area as well.

Violence is not targeted against foreign visitors, but gang assaults, gunshots occur more and more frequently since 2006.

Local police is acutely corrupt, bribery and extortion are serious issues in the area.

Police in Mexico has earned the reputation of falsely accusing visitors for breaking laws and then blackmailing them to pay "bogus" fines to the police. Literally, the police rips off tourists with false pretexts.

Don't appear rich, try not to attract attention as criminals and even local police are literally hunting for opportunities to squeeze out money and other valuables from those who "look rich".

Don't walk on deserted beaches and dark streets at night, also avoid areas where few people walk around, including the periphery of the city.



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