Advance or Late Booking?



It might be a dilemmatic to choose between advance booking and late booking. The previous ones ensure more secure booking, while the latter are great for saving and grabbing exciting "surprise" deals...

If you don't know whether to go with advance booking or late booking, check this table with parallel comparison below!

Advante Booking

 "regular" prices, which tend to be high

 more flexibility in changing itinerary and schedule later or even while on your trip

 you get to choose your comfort level and pay a listed price for it

 some possibilities for group discounts exist

 more opportunities for connecting services bought separately


Late Booking

 frequently discounted prices, which are sometimes up to 75 % lower than "regular" tariffs

 narrower selection of destinations: you may be offered a certain number of pre-selected destinations, which are often limited to a certain region, but might still be attractive visiting them...

 less flexibility for later itinerary and schedule modifications

 frequently lower levels of comfort on planes, cruise ships and in hotels and rental cars

 group discounts almost impossible to obtain, as most last minute services are sold in small numbers and to individuals, couples or very small groups (families, for instance)

 fewer possibilities for buying services separately - late deals are better bought in package

Hopefully we were of use to you and you'll make a choice easier the next time you book!



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