Activities & Events




The last minute travel market has more to it than just the pure transportation and accommodation services.

There are scores of events and activities to enjoy throughout the World. Some of the travel destinations attract visitors because they host events or offer the possibility to take part in enjoyable activities.

The array of events to attend and activities to take part in is extremely wide. We'll try to raise your attention to some of the most important ones.


Motor Sports Events

Nascar, Formula One and Moto GP are the top of the category. Held at different locations, these car and motorcycle races are attracting up to tens of thousands of visitors per single location.

Want to see the Formula One race at the Bahrain circuit? Are you a fan of Nascar? Or would you like to fly down to sunny Malaysia to see the Moto GP racers at the Sepang circuit?

Agents will most likely increase the prices for these "hot periods", but if you're buying tickets from an even travel specialist, then you might be in for some discounts if the purchase is effectuated a few weeks before the event.

Cultural Events & Activities

Another reason for visiting a wonderful place is for exploring its cultural heritage, attend cultural events.

Theatres, festivals and various other shows would fit into this wide category. Concerts, cultural entertainment shows aren't that trendy, but their value isn't negligible at all. Culture is the biggest value of any nation, any city, any country.

We recommend this form of travel. In fact, is one of those subsegments which attract the least number of travelers. Unsold tickets appear in large numbers and discounts are frequent!

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