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Last Minute Spider's history starts in 2006, as a small informative content website focusing on the last minute travel segment. Then, "last minute travel" was still a narrow segment in the travel industry, but constantly growing and diversifying...

Details regarding the activity and services are presented on this page.

About This Site

Last Minute Spider is an information-providing travel site dedicated to the last minute travel and discount travel segments. This site helps in the late booking process, publishing fresh travel deals offered by prestigeous travel service sellers, publishes discount booking coupons of multiple websites and gives advice to needy users.

Last minute booking has gotten more popular with the spread of online booking platforms and with the appearance of comparison search engines. The interesting thing about this way of traveling is that by booking late, you basically obtain the same service as if you would have booked well in advance, only that you pay less. This is so, because travel agents, airlines, hotels etc. are struggling to sell their unsold services when there is low demand, usually at the end of tourist seasons and a short time before airplane or cruise ship departure. Close to departure dates, the airlines are selling as many seats as they can, in order to minimize losses. Similarly, hotels reduce their rates, if they could not fill their rooms in time. This happens in many segments of the travel industry.

The advantages are obvious, but the risks and limitations are usually aren't. Last minute deals are great bargains, but it might take a lot of effort and time to find the best deals, nevertheless, it is also risky to search for deals just prior to departure.

This site helps you in your search and decision-making process. Coupon codes are usually only handed out to a few loyal clients, usually through lesser-known means to the wide public, but Last Minute Spider publishes them for benefit of the great public. Our users obtain guidance, even statistics, will find free practical tips in order to find the best services and the lowest prices.

Through advertisements in the form of booking platforms and textual or banner ads, the visitor can access related services of prestigious travel agents.

LastMinuteSpider.com is not a travel agency. There are agents who selling such late deals under their own brand, featured on this site.

There is no better place than LastMinuteSpider.com when it comes to last minute travel!

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